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Savings & Investments

Savings are those products with regular premiums, and investments are usually made with a single lump sum, or a combination of a lump sum and regular premium.

Value Added Independent Advice in London

At Evergreen Financial, we try and understand your financial circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk, before we make any recommendations.

Investment decisions should also take account of the investor's tax position, existing investments and asset allocation, and any personal preferences. Should you choose an investment bond over an ISA, and if so in what circumstances? Where should your money be invested geographically? Can you switch your investment funds readily and cheaply? How much should you keep in cash?

Since your initial consultation with your Evergreen Financial adviser is free, it costs nothing to discuss your savings and investment needs with a professional.

Expert Independent Advice under one roof in The City of London

To invest wisely and in a tax efficient manner requires skill, expertise and detailed knowledge not only of the financial markets, but also of taxation and law. We have a unique skills set in that within one group of companies; we have expert Independent Financial Advisers (www.evergreenfinancial.co.uk), qualified Chartered Accountants (www.evergreenaccountants.com) and Solicitors (www.evergreensolicitors.com) all under one roof.

This means that we are able to put our heads together in our own areas of expertise and create investment solutions that are the envy of many and rival the best in the business.

Investments and Risk

There are a whole host of investments on the market, too numerous to mention, and some carry more risk than others.

The general rule is that the more risky the investment, the greater the chance you have of losing the original sum you invested, but also the greater the chance of bigger returns. Conversely, the less riskier the investment, the smaller the chance you have of losing the original sum you invested, but the lower the potential returns.

The right investment portfolio should reflect your tax position and align with your attitude to risk. It should also meet your requirement to generate income, capital growth or a combination of the two.

Types of Investment

The number of different investment opportunities are vast. That is why it is important that you use a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) to assist you in making the correct decision for you based on your needs, circumstances and attitude to risk.

The main types of investments are:

a) Unit Trusts

b) OEIC's

c) Investment Trusts

d) ISA's

e) Government Gilts

f) Corporate Bonds




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